Cheshire commercial photographer

Cheshire commercial photographer, Jonathan Thompson, provides imagery crafted to exceed client requirements across a range of business types. The majority of Jonathan’s work is for clients in the culinary industries – food, chefs, restaurants – and the performing arts sector – dance, musicians, performers and actors.

Food & culinary industry

Chef Robin Gill, The Dairy- Chicken mushrooms


Performing arts

Nicolette Whitley, Talacre Beach


Cheshire commercial photographer

Located right in the historic city of Chester, Cheshire commercial photographer, Jonathan Thompson, applies his skill and wide-ranging experience to each client project.

Food photography

Working alongside fellow creatives in the food industry is a special delight. A commercial food photographer not only has to capture the exquisite nature of the dish but also portray the character of the chef and often the restaurant atmosphere as part of the full story. Jonathan’s massive respect and understanding for the food industry, aids his ability to capture the essence in a photograph. Applying his wide skill range, he is able to deliver pictures that exceed your expectations. A great deal of insight into the professional culinary world has come through Jonathan’s wife, Deborah, a Cordon Bleu trained chef who’s built her career working for some of the top chefs in the UK.  

Photography for dancers, actors and musicians

Dancers, actors and musicians are an incredible group of hard working and dedicated artists. They give the opportunity for me to create something very special, an image that defines an entire emotion in a click. Dancers portray their characters by story telling with dynamic movement. Actors can take on many different characters with all levels of intensity and personalities. Musicians carry you into their world of sound, great hair and amazing outfits. Jonathan produces images with impact and vibrance which will promote you to your audiences. He’s just as happy in a studio as he is shooting a live performance or out on location for something a little more interesting. You won’t be disappointed.