About me

I master light and storytelling, energising your business vision, with a celebration of creativity, passion and innovation.

You’re here looking for a creative soul to share your vision. An experienced image maker who you can share your business adventure and vision, to create unique images as one of your team.

Hi, my name’s Jonathan and I’m here to accompany you on your journey for visual clarity. Giving you the very best of me and my imagination, to create photos which elevate your business, your why, into a dynamic visual story. A story that takes you to the soul of your business vision, allowing your ideas to reach out into the world, on their own.

What makes me tick

I crave the connection to people and the world around me, without this, honestly, I’m lost. There is a deeper meaning to all things and I need to tap into it to feel alive.

I absolutely love a road trip. Heading off down the road, searching for adventure and experiences. Never knowing when a delicious story will make itself known to me. Seeing a disused road or track calls to me to investigate. I want to know whats up there, even if it turns out to be an open field or a simple dead end. All interesting roads have a tail or two to tell, some hide it better than others.

About JT with Tundra, Talacre Beech

Food is a big part of my life. Eating it, photographing it and searching out those who are pushing boundaries and making a difference. Chefs who want to build a truly memorable experience and alter your state are like magnets to me. I could watch Chefs Table on Netflix over and over. What do you mean you’ve never heard of it!? We could have a problem. 😉

Learning all the the rules and techniques are an essential part of any craft, no less in photography. Once you’ve learned them it’s time to break them. If something is created one way, I’ll be the one figuring out how to do it differently, growing and learning from the task. I’ve never really wanted to fit in, always going my own way. I’ll stick around as long as it suites me, then I slip away, off on another adventure.

What brings me joy is working with people who have a vision of the world and our lives which is so much better. Throwing aside any ideas of what’s thought of as possible. Pushing the boundaries, striving for new paths and directions, regardless of wether it’s been done before or not. Our world is changed by a persistent pushing of the parameters. There is always something more to learn, discover and create. That’s where the juice of life is waiting for us.

Gratitude plays a huge part in my life. The road has been very rough at times but everything I’ve lived through, all the adventures and stories I’ve been a part of, have allowed the juice to flow through my character. I am very grateful for this. Living for the weekend used to be my life. It’s not for me, in fact I find it terrifying, how about you?

I currently live in the historic and beautiful city of Chester with my wife Debs, and our beautiful spirit Tundra, a Pyrenees Mountain Dog who adopted us while Canada was our home. Debs is a very talented chef and my partner in deliciousness on Wilde Orchard. My love of restaurants and celebration of all things connected to food started with Debs. So many stories, so many pictures, I’ll never capture them all, but I can try, right 😉

I’m a sucker for a movie about the human spirit with colourful characters. The Worlds Fastest Indian, Chef, Shawshank Redemption and Bridges of Spies to name just a few. The Lord of the Rings comes very high on my list as well, but not all the characters are technically human. I love a great and epic story and I see myself as a bit of a character mutt. Bilbo Baggins mixed with Aragorn and a good dash of Gandalf.

You’ve got a funny accent

Yeah I do and it changes frequently depending on my mood and who I’ve been spending time with. I was born in North West England. I grew up a typical kid from a hard working family and if I’m honest, I was pretty spoiled. My Nana was from Sittingbourne, Kent and was a great cook. I watched her with intrigue, waiting for the chance to lick the icing off the spoon. My Gran was from Partick, Glasgow and that seems to have crept in. The endless impersonating of Billy Connolly has probably had a lasting effect to.

I’ve always dreamt of travel and adventure and Canada was always in my mind. Back then I didn’t know my Dad was born in Canada, or at least I don’t remember knowing. I wrote about Canada in school. We visited relatives in Toronto. So it was inevitable I would spend some of my life there.JT-About-Tundra

Before I left for Canada I spent a bunch of time in Italy, Spain, France and Belgium. Some of the time I was searching out stories, the rest I found myself behind the wheel of a truck, the 44 ton kind not the pickup.

I’ve joined a travelling show. Taught conversational English in Madrid. Trained petroleum and aviation fuel drivers in Vancouver. Driven a concrete mixer truck. Helped build the foundation of the Shangri-La Hotel, the tallest building in Vancouver at this point. Assisted a commercial photographer and started my own photography business, and I feel like I’ve barely got started.

Seriously serious

Although I laugh at myself daily, I do take my work very seriously, continuously look for ways to expand my craft. I believe if you’re standing still you’re actually going backwards. Taking on personal projects and collaborations with other incredible professionals. Performing arts is a particular fondness of mine as it breaks from my mainstream work. It keeps things fresh and mastering new techniques makes me fizz inside.

My network is seriously beautiful, funny and astonishingly talented. Photographers, artists, entrepreneurs of all kinds, videographers, chefs and performers.  They all drive me on to be more of myself, more of my craft, more in every way.

My soap box

What I want to eradicate is the celebration of mediocrity. It breaks my heart to see amazing products and services being toted out in the world by poorly designed websites and generic imagery. I adore working with creative people, seeing an idea manifested from the thought to reality, it’s like real magic.

Stunning photography carries your energy and vision off the screen or page and into the hearts of your tribal followers. Emotional connection is a craving every spirit is searching for. Be that for them. Show them something that stirs their soul and gets the juices flowing. I want what you have! Sign me up!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit, draw up a chair, I’ll put the kettle on…

All my very best.