Dance and performing arts

Photography for dancers, actors and musicians

Dancers, actors and musicians are an incredible group of hard working and dedicated artists. They give the opportunity for me to create something very special, an image that defines an entire emotion in a click.

Dancers portray their characters by story telling with dynamic movement. Actors can take on many different characters with all levels of intensity and personalities. Musicians carry you into their world of sound, great hair and amazing outfits.

Jonathan produces images with impact and vibrance which will promote you to your audiences. He’s just as happy in a studio as he is shooting a live performance or out on location for something a little more interesting. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Nicolette Whitley, Talacre Beach
  • Graeme Reece, singer, performing live
  • Joanne and Kevin Clifton
  • Brosena perform live
  • Violinist, Actor and Director,  Jimena Larraguivel
  • Alleviate Dance Studio Shoot
  • The Fontanas – Brazilica – Liverpool
  • Live with Karen Hauer and Kevin Clifton
  • Dancer Nicolette Whitley, promotional shoot
  • High energy routine from Brosena
  • Aljaž Skorjanec and Janette Manrara from BBC Strictly Come Dancing
  • Contemporary dance
  • Dance in the natural environment
  • Graeme Reece, vocalist and musician
  • Dance studio photography



To make incredible performance art imagery Jonathan has worked with countless dancers who commission him to produce inspirational images. His dance photography captures the essence of the performance whether it is in a dance studio, photo studio or even on the beach.

Jonathan has worked with individual dancers, dance schools & studios to produce pictures that are the perfect record of dancers own personal creative projects, plus his work has been used for event promotion and advertising.

There are various packages to choose from but if you’d prefer something tailored to you, please drop me a line from the contact page and I’ll make a special package for you.

Tales from the stage

Each of the photos below will take you to the story behind the picture… I hope you enjoy them

Lighting behind the scenes: One light on location

Personal project behind the scenes with a one light setup, on location Hi gang, something a little different today. I’m sharing a simple one light setup which I recently used to great effect on a personal project with dancer Nicolette Whitley. As a commercial photographer I shoot more than just food. During restaurant and editorial shoots environmental portraits are often part of the gig. The same techniques I use for …

12 tales from behind the lens #11 “Nicolette Whitley”

Day 11 of 12 tales from behind the lens with Nicolette Whitley It’s another photo which you may not expect from me. No food in sight, although Nicolette Whitley is a big lover of food and keeps a close eye on her nutrition as a dancer. I’d wanted to get out and shoot something different and when I approached Nicolette with some ideas she was as enthusiastic as usual. That’s …

12 tales from behind the lens #10 “MCO Contemporary”

Day 10 of 12 tales from behind the lens with MCO Contemporary I love working with dancers, I think you probably know that. When I was approached by Megan Walters to help her launch her new business venture, MCO Contemporary, as a dance teacher, choreographer and performer, I was very happy to help. We had to create a video capturing the essence of her dance classes and an improvisation dance piece. Beyond …

12 tales from behind the lens #2 “Talisha”

Day 2 of tales from behind the lens Welcome back to tales from behind the lens. It’s day 2 and this time it’s head shots with the lovely Talisha. I’m sure you’re aware of my love of dance and capturing those magical moments, only dancer can perform. It’s a world of close connections, trust and like a big family really. Talisha came to me through a mutual friend and when I asked …