12 tales from behind the lens #2 “Talisha”

Talisha Head shot, 12 tales from behind the lens

Day 2 of tales from behind the lens

Welcome back to tales from behind the lens. It’s day 2 and this time its headshots with the lovely Talisha. I’m sure you’re aware of my love of dance and capturing those magical moments, only a dancer can perform. It’s a world of close connections, trust and like a big family really. Talisha came to me through a mutual friend and when I asked her to step in front of my lens to try out some new headshot lighting, she was excited to take part.

Talisha Head shot, 12 tales from behind the lens

The dancers I work with are always pushing their boundaries, not afraid to try new things. I love that. Take care to see their vision and use your experience to capture the essence of them. Talisha was brilliant and what a look1 She has the most amazing hair and beautiful skin making retouching a dream editing. Confidence, fun personality, you can see it in her eyes and makes for a great headshot.

Two Speedlites, one Lastolite Ezybox softbox and a Lastolite Trigrip reflector, job done. Headshots anywhere setup, ready for the road. These are the techniques when practised, you can bring to multiple clients. Don’t be a one trick pony, it’ll bite yer in the bum sooner than you think. Trying out lighting on personal projects is a great way to learn and become instinctive, often needed when you’re working with a client.

I hope to be working with Talisha during 2017 on some personal projects. Bringing out her style and energy, mixing it with some lighting and camera trickery. Stay tuned 🙂

Camera settings

See you tomorrow folks.



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