12 tales from behind the lens #8 “Art Culinaire Magazine”

Art Culinaire 119- 12 tales from behind the lens

Day 8 of 12 tales from behind the lens. Cover shot for Art Culinaire Magazine

Welcome back. Today we’re up to day 8 and a high point for me. The cover shot for issue #119 of Art Culinaire Magazine.

Art Culinaire Magazine 119- 12 tales from behind the lens


I’ve already mentioned shooting for Art Culinaire magazine in my 12 tales from behind the lens. The photo which was chosen to be the cover image was actually taken at a later date than the rest of my shoot. I made a special trip to capture a dish which had created lasting memories for Carol and Lars of Art Culinaire.

Direct tweets had gone out to Simon Woodrow, the head chef at Robin Gills, Paradise Garage, on my way to central London. I needed the plate to be broken, which is something we first saw at The Dairy. There’s nothing wrong with the plate itself, other than a piece had broken off. This isn’t how it would usually be served, but the crescent moon shape of this plate really works. When you combined it with the vertical crop, it brings a bit more visual interest to the cover photo.

As I say, I didn’t know this would be on the cover of Art Culinaire #119 but I’m chuffed to bits that it was. It really was the cherry on the top of the cake for me. A lot of my photos were published in #119 from Robin Gill at The Dairy and Brett Graham at The Ledbury. There’s another post all about Art Culinaire #119 Cover photos are something special in a publication, aren’t they?

Art Culinaire Magazine 119 Cover |www.jonathanthompsonphotography.com


It’s the first image all the amazing chefs, throughout the industry, will see. My photo sitting on coffee tables and bookshelves in places I may never actually visit, owned by talented chefs I may never meet. Perhaps I’m geeking out about this, I really don’t care. It’s very special to me and that’s why I’ve included it.

OK, gushing over. See you back here tomorrow for day 9 of 12 tales from behind the lens. Thanks so much for stopping by.



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