12 tales from behind the lens #9- Lastolite

Lastolite by Manfrotto, food photography video shoot

Day 9 of tales from behind the lens when Lastolite came to visit

After my buddy Brian Worley photographed the entire new line of Lastolite photographic kit, they were wanting to show their equipment used in food photography. Brian very kindly introduced the Lastolite guys and girls to Mrs T  and myself, to be a great food photography solution for them.

Lastolite by Manfrotto, food photography video shoot


We set a date and opened up Thompson Towers to create some stills and a BTS (Behind the scenes) video for Lastolite to promote their equipment for food photography. Luke, the videographer, was a bit outnumbered as both me and Mrs T are Canadian and so was his colleague Beth.

We wasted no time getting stuck into lighting setups and how we use their equipment. They brought a bunch of stuff I hadn’t used before, which was cool. New softboxes, LED lights, all sorts of toys. As we got to work capturing the stills, Luke was filming in the background, capturing all the shenanigans from the camera to the kitchen.

When I looked back at a list of companies to work with, made at the beginning of 2016, Lastolite was on the list. I don’t know how it works (well I do really but there’s no time for that here) but I’m really glad it did.

You can see the video on the Lastolite YouTube channel, apart from watching myself, it’s a great video.

My advice, set your goals, something to get excited about, then take steps towards them. You don’t have to know how you will achieve your goal, in fact, you’re not supposed to know if the goal is suitably exciting. Opportunities will arrive, connections made. When you work consistently and believe your goal will come true, sooner or later it will.

See you tomorrow for more of 2016.



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