12 tales from behind the lens #1 Falcon Products

12 days tales from behind the lens #1

What’s this 12 tales from behind the lens all about?

Happy New Year you lovely people. I hope you’ve had an epic festive season and tasted deliciousness beyond words. Ready for a brand new year? I certainly am. Stepping into 2017 with a quick look back at a year which I sum up with one word. Emotional. Like Vinnie Jones in Lock Stock (Seriously, I hope no one is asking what Lock Stock is) “It’s been emotional…”  When I looked back at my images from 2016 and picked out pictures which had more of a meaning. Not for technical prowess or very cool but those with greater emotion attached. I was really quite surprised at the 12 photos I ended up with. In the next 12 days, I will be sharing a photo and sharing a wee bit about why it connected on a deeper level.

Welcome to 12 tales from behind the lens.

12 days tales from behind the lens #1

I’ll kick off my 12 tales from behind the lens with the shoot which kicked off my 2016. At the end of 2015, I was contacted by Gary Downham of Falcon Products. He wanted me to create new photos of his remarkable baking products, Bak-o-Glide. I was delighted to accept the commission and very much looked forward to a busy January getting these images created.

The joy of the challenge as I turned my home studio into a forest of light stands. Playing with different mixtures of light balances to get the look we were going for. Reflective surfaces, compositions and editing, there was a challenge in all of them and I loved it. I’m often a 1 light kinda guy, it’s usually all I need. Not this time. They were all getting a dust off and put to work.

Working closely with Gary, who started the business from scratch, was such a pleasure. His tales of how they got started and seeing him doing so well is very inspirational. Hopefully, the work that’s put in behind the scenes at Falcon Products, is reflected in the images I created. You’ll see them wherever you can buy Bak-o-Glide online. How awesome is that!

Camera and settings

See you tomorrow for day 2 of tales from behind the lens


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