Lighting behind the scenes: One light on location

One Light Nicolette Whitley Spiritual Dance BTS lighting

Personal project behind the scenes with a one light setup, on location Hi gang, something a little different today. I’m sharing a simple one light setup which I recently used to great effect on a personal project with dancer Nicolette Whitley. As a commercial photographer I shoot more than just food. During restaurant and editorial shoots environmental portraits are often … Read More

12 tales from behind the lens #11 “Nicolette Whitley”

Nicolette Whitley: Day 10 or 12 tales from behind the lens

Day 11 of 12 tales from behind the lens with Nicolette Whitley It’s another photo which you may not expect from me. No food in sight, although Nicolette Whitley is a big lover of food and keeps a close eye on her nutrition as a dancer. I’d wanted to get out and shoot something different and when I approached Nicolette … Read More

12 tales from behind the lens #2 “Talisha”

Talisha Head shot, 12 tales from behind the lens

Day 2 of tales from behind the lens Welcome back to tales from behind the lens. It’s day 2 and this time it’s head shots with the lovely Talisha. I’m sure you’re aware of my love of dance and capturing those magical moments, only dancer can perform. It’s a world of close connections, trust and like a big family really. Talisha came … Read More

12 tales from behind the lens #1 Falcon Products

12 days tales from behind the lens #1

What’s this 12 tales from behind the lens all about? Happy New Year you lovely people. I hope you’ve had an epic festive season and tasted deliciousness beyond words. Ready for a brand new year? I certainly am. Stepping into 2017 with a quick look back at a year which I sum up with one word. Emotional. Like Vinnie Jones … Read More

What’s in the bag

Photography, What's In The Bag

Taking a look at the photography equipment and what’s in the bag A question that gets asked very often. Which camera or lens should I use? I asked the same question. To be absolutely honest, there’s no answer to that question unless you add some parameters to it. What do you shoot? What’s your budget? Do you already have some equipment? Where … Read More

Let structure set you free with a tidy workspace

Let Structure Set You Free

How I changed to a tidy workspace and why As the title of this post says, let structure set you free. There’s so much in those five words and I don’t remember who first said them, but I’m glad they did. Something I’ve believed for a long time but hadn’t fully applied it to life. It’s like putting your finger … Read More

The Canon 6d, my low light solution?

Canon 6d

Why and how did I choose the Canon 6d   For quite a while now, I’ve been looking at getting a new camera body to accompany my Canon 1ds mk3. It was increasingly the case that I needed to be in the higher end of the ISO range for me to capture an image. The Canon 1ds mk3 isn’t really … Read More

Fathers Day

Alex Thompson B&W

My Dad On Fathers Day Today is Fathers Day. A day I’ve not been involved in for, what feels like, a lifetime. I’m not the only one for sure. Many others have heart breaking stories to tell why it’s not a part of their life. Mine….. just sad for me I suppose. My Dad died of cancer. He’d taken early … Read More

Entrepreneurs and Head Shots

Roxanne Head Shot

One Light Head Shots for London Entrepreneurs Welcome back to my weekend shooting in London. Quick recap, on day one I had my first ever bump shoot with actress Jimena Larraguivel, the following morning I was shooting at Chef Robin Gill’s new restaurant, The Manor in Clapham. As soon as I was finished in Clapham I jumped in the jalopy and … Read More

Never stop learning

Zack Arias, One Light 2.0

Learning on a rainy Sunday morning Hi folks. This is a very, very quick post for a rainy Sunday morning. I decided to put the morning to good use by catching up on some video tutorials I haven’t had chance to watch. Zack Arias‘s latest one light 2.0 DVD is a brilliant guide for photography and an excellent demonstration of how … Read More