12 tales from behind the lens #6 Champagne Spritzer

Peachy Champagne Spritzer from Wilde Orchard

Day 6 of 12 tales from behind the lens: Peachy Champagne Spritzer

Hello again and welcome to the halfway point of 12 tales from behind the lens. Today’s picture is the most delicious of drinks recipes for a Peachy Champagne Spritzer. This pretty little glass of tasty bubbles popped out of the lovely Mrs T’s imagination. We don’t do a lot of drinks on Salted Mint and when they’re this pretty I wonder why not.

Peachy Champagne Spritzer from Wilde Orchard


It’s an interesting subject to light and plenty of fun stuff to take into account. There’s the usual colour combinations and mix that with bubbles and frosty glass with melting ice, good times. To light through the glass you obviously have to backlight or side light it. You want to get the light level bright enough to make the drink sparkle but not so much you lose any texture and colour.  You don’t need to use as much frontal fill with a translucent subject, but a little helps lift the shadows of the sliced peach.

There are four main layers of texture in this…

  1. The bubbles in the drink itself
  2. The melting ice
  3. Water droplets on the tray
  4. The textures on the tray

I always like to see light passing through leaves, where you can see the texture and veins of the leaf. I love mint and mint leaves, so perfectly formed and the smell is divine.

Moving quite quickly to keep some of the frosted look of the glass, shows you it’s a cold drink and portrays refreshing, which it is. The little pieces of ice didn’t want to stick around long either. We could have used bigger pieces but I didn’t want the ice to encroach on the scene too much.

This Peachy Champagne Spritzer sits in my memory as simply being so pretty and a delicious summer drink. It’s funny how some things get lodged in your memory, sometimes for the simplest of enjoyments. The recipe can be found with the drinks over on Salted Mint https://saltedmint.com/peach-sangria/Camera and settings

See you tomorrow to start the second half of 12 tales from behind the lens.




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