JT’s 12 Days Of Christmas with Tundra

Tundra. A Great Pyrenees is sleeping in the shade of summers heat, resting her chin on the decking behind a clay flower pot. With graphics over the top saying 12 Days Of Christmas-Day 12

12 Days of Christmas, Day 12

Here we are at the end of my look back at 2018. Thank you for coming along for my reminiscing ramblings. My final post in this series has to be about the most magical creature I have ever known. Tundra, our beautiful Pyrenees Mountain Dog.

A young Pyrenees Mountain Dog called Tundra laying down on a stripy bed and alert

The Big White Boo

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my stories and you’ll know, one of her many names is Boo. I can’t tell you where it came from. It must be from her Booishness which is a thing, trust me. This beautiful soul protects us and keeps us connected to the real and natural world. We wouldn’t know what to do without her.

Tundra. A sleeping Pyrenees Mountain dog snoozes in the summer shade, tucked in behind a clay plant pot

Let sleeping Boos Lie

It was a very warm summer for the UK in 2018 and despite the heat, Tundra would want to be outside. She followed the shade around our little courtyard garden, snoring up a storm. I quickly snapped this snoozy moment and almost immediately she opened one eye. If she could roll her eyes she would, every time I bring a camera into her vicinity.

A black & white photo of a sleeping Pyrenees Mountain Dog named Tundra

I’ve known many, many K9’s in my life. Tundra is the noblest, most deliberate, strong-willed, funny, astute and charismatic character you could ever share your life with. We love every second we spend with her.

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Returning to the UK from Canada in 2010 has been a rough road. I’m not sure I would have made it if it wasn’t for our Tundra. I owe her so much and I’m truly blessed to share my life with her.

Tundra the Pyrenees Mountain Dog looking straight at camera looking alert in the snow

That’s all for my 12 Days of Christmas this year. I’m very much looking forward to the most amazing 2019. I would like to take this moment to thank each and every one of you who reads my blog as well as follows and supports me on social media. You’re all aces in my book. I wish you all an abundance of happiness for this new year and may you take big steps towards achieving your dreams.

All the very best to you all!


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Tundra the Pyrenees Mountain Dog sleeping. Foreground has colourful out of focus flowers

Tundra the Pyrenees Mountain Dog panting in the sun with St Johns Church in the background

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