JT’s 12 Days with Icelandic Horses

A group of Icelandic Ponies standing in open grassland, a mountain range is in the distance and sunlight is streaming down from a gap in the clouds with graphics over the top saying Day 5 of 12 Days Of Christmas

12 Days Of Christmas, Day 5

How are you all doing over this holiday season? Christmas is behind us and the New Year beckons. This time last year I got chatting to my good friend Brian Worley about going on a photo adventure. Everyone seemed to be going to Iceland and it looked bloomin spectacular. We decided to arrange ourselves a trip.

I wasn’t sure how my skills would work out in Iceland. I haven’t shot too many landscapes that I’ve been happy with but I figured that Iceland was going to be like shooting fish in a barrel. I was wrong.

One of the shots I wanted to capture was of the wild horses you see in everyone’s Icelandic photos. They seem to have known I wanted their photos and therefore we hardly saw any on our trip. Mostly because we didn’t know where to look.

A group of Icelandic Ponies standing in open grassland, a mountain range is in the distance and sunlight is streaming down from a gap in the clouds

Vlogging Ain’t Easy

The other thing I wanted to try was vlogging. The Peter McKinnon’s and Casey Neistat’s of the world, make it look so easy. Let me tell you, it ain’t no walk in the park. Learning how to film, shoot B-roll. having something interesting to say and be yourself, that’s a challenge. One I don’t think I did very well at.

I’ll be going through the footage and seeing if I can put some kind of video together from it, but I can’t imagine it’ll be pretty. That said. Everyone was rubbish at some point. Even Pete McKinnon, who makes it look sooooooo easy, was rubbish Pete at some point. It’s something I’d like to keep at, just in case, before kicking it to touch.

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Back to the Icelandic Horses

We spotted these horses near the end of our trip and I just had to give it a shot. I only had two lenses and my Canon 80D. A super wide zoom and a wide to telephoto, both of which are great little lenses for stills and video. This was shot at 35mm on the telephoto.

As I was getting an idea of how to frame it up, the sun broke through the clouds and turned an ordinary scene magical. One of my frustrations with landscapes is I rarely feel my image captures how it felt to be there, at that moment. I’m quite happy with this one. It took a bit of editing but I used many of my food photography editing skills to push and pull the, sometimes resistant, 80D files.

Thanks again for stopping by today, I hope you’re enjoying some random photos from 2018 and my rambling thoughts. If you’re enjoying these post please feel free to share them. Also, drop me a line in the comments if you’d like me to tackle any photographic subjects you may be needing help with, for next years articles.

Cheers, JT

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