JT’s 12 Days with The Oxford Blue Pub

12 Days Of Christmas, Day 6

Hi everyone. How are the Christmas holidays for you? It’s that waistline recovery time before we head into 2019. I really hope you’ve been having a delicious time. Today I’m trundling back to Old Windsor and another shoot at The Oxford Blue Pub, one of my all time favourite places to shoot and indulge.

Delicious textures in food photography

The thing that struck me on the shoot and still today, is the beautiful textures of the fish skin that the camera picked up. I’m a big fan of textures in my photography and when this popped onto my laptop screen it looked the business.

Beautifully cooked fish on a bed of green salad, herbs and vegetables. The fish skin is scored with amazing texture. Served in a white bowl from The Oxford Blue Pub

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Most of my favourite details about food photography are contrasting colours. The warm oranges against the cooler greens really help an image pop. Even more than a photograph, as a customer at the restaurant, seeing your meal presented this way, makes you start to enjoy it before you’ve taken the first bite. This is something The Oxford Blue does extremely well.

This was lit with my favourite light because using natural light in restaurants is often not possible. I have an article on contrasting colours in food photography if you’re interested.

Thanks for joining me on my 12 Days of Christmas. Tomorrow is day 7 with a bit of personal work, hope to see you there.


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