5 Reasons why you must always use a tripod for food photography

You must always use a tripod in your food photography, here’s 5 reasons why Hang on JT!! Just a minute.. Didn’t you write a post about how you should never use a tripod in food photography? Yep, I did. Here lies the paradox of creativity. Learn “the rules” then break’em. Not like I’m telling you this is all gospel and the … Read More

5 Reasons where and why you should never use a tripod for food photography

5 Reason Why & Where Never Use Tripod

Where and why, you should never use a tripod for your food photography Hey, hey, hey!!! JT’s getting controversial.. I’d even go as far as to say feisty.. Not really, just something that came to mind after I tripped over my tripod the other day, took evasive action to avoid knocking the whole rig flying, and narrowly missed face planting … Read More

My Canon Radio 580 EXii flash for food photography

Canon Radio 580 EXii

How to achieve Canon radio 580 EXii flash for food photography Good morning folks. Today I’m sharing with you how I’ve come to have Canon Radio 580 EXii flashes. I’m often asked what I use for lighting in my food photography. The first lights I bought were 4 Canon 580 EXii. If I’m honest, I didn’t really understand them but … Read More

Using your body in food photography

Using Your Body In Food Photography-

How using your body helps in the creative process Hi everyone. I recently read Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. You need to read this great little book. There’s a part of the book that struck a cord for me at that moment. Here’s how that relates to me and using your body in the creative process.       Let me begin by … Read More

Restaurant photography: Action shots in the kitchen

Restaurant photography: Chef peeping fish at Yama Momo

Capturing action shots in restaurant photography One of my favourite parts of restaurant photography is capturing some of the kitchen action, especially when the chefs are at full steam. The kitchen is where some glorious moments live. It’s the engine room of the restaurant, where magical, culinary alchemy takes place. There are some things you should know before taking on … Read More

The Lastolite Ezybox Octa

Lastolite Medium Octa for food photography. Two Speedlites

Beautiful light comes in octagonal form with the Lastolite Ezybox Octa Hi gang, I want to share with you my recent discovery for creating beautiful light, anywhere you like, with the Lastolite Ezybox Octa. I’ve been able to create very pleasing light with my Lastolite gear for some time now. Although I wouldn’t say it was perfect every time. It’s … Read More

12 tales from behind the lens #12 “The Oxford Blue”

The Oxford Blue Pub: 12 tales from behind the lens

Final day of 12 tales from behind the lens with The Oxford Blue Pub Hi folks, so here we are at the end of my 12 quick snippets of 2016. What a way to close off 2016 than with 3 days of shooting at The Oxford Blue Pub in Old Windsor.   I’ll be writing in more depth about The … Read More

12 tales from behind the lens #9- Lastolite

Lastolite by Manfrotto, food photography video shoot

Day 9 of tales from behind the lens when Lastolite came to visit After my buddy Brian Worley photographed the entire new line of Lastolite photographic kit, they were wanting to show their equipment used in food photography. Brian very kindly introduced the Lastolite  guys and girls to Mrs T  and myself, to be a great food photography solution for … Read More

12 tales from behind the lens #8 “Art Culinaire Magazine”

Art Culinaire 119- 12 tales from behind the lens

Day 8 of 12 tales from behind the lens. Cover shot for Art Culinaire Magazine Welcome back. Today we’re up to day 8 and a high point for me. The cover shot for issue #119 of Art Culinaire Magazine.   I’ve already mentioned shooting for Art Culinaire magazine in my 12 tales from behind the lens. The photo which was chosen … Read More

12 tales from behind the lens #6 Champagne Spritzer

Peachy Champagne Spritzer from Wilde Orchard

Day 6 of 12 tales form behind the lens: Peachy Champagne Spritzer Hello again and welcome to the halfway point of 12 tales from behind the lens. Today’s picture is the most delicious of drinks recipes for a Peachy Champagne Spritzer. This pretty little glass of tasty bubbles popped out of the lovely Mrs T’s imagination. We don’t do a lot of … Read More